Regionální hospodářská komora Brno

Why visit Brno?

  • Strategic location in central Europe with connection to the main European road and railway traffic networks

  • Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce is fast developing Chamber of Commerce in Czech Republic
  • High-quality of transport accessibility - motorways, railways, airport
  • Location on crossroads of traditional trade routes north-south, east-west; borders with Austria and Slovakia
  • Long-lasting history of industrial production and international business fairs and exhibitions
  • High standard of education, great concentration of specialized educational institutions and universities
  • High standard of scientific and research capacities
  • Excellent business environment
  • Very good technical infrastructure, including developmental and industrial zones
  • Sufficiency of experienced, educated and flexible labour force
  • Highly competitive costs on acquisition of labour, services and real properties
  • Support of investors by means of assistance services, investment incentives (subsidies for re-training, creation of new jobs, and others) and tax relieves
  • Strong tradition and experience in principal sectors of enterprise including services, hi-tech products, engineering and electrical engineering
  • Innovative hi-tech environment proven by foreign companies (Honeywell, IBM, Silicon Graphics, Siemens, SEI, Tyco, Andrew Telecommunications, etc.)
  • Wide range of attractive possibilities for leisure time (golf, horse riding, fishing, theatres, opera, festivals, etc.)
  • Regional capital Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic.
  • Relatively low living costs while maintaining high living standards.
  • Many international trade fairs and expositions focused on different business sectors.
  • Centre of the Southern Moravia region that is attractive for tourism and recreation
  • Internationally recognized city rating (Moody's A3, Standard & Poor's A-).

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